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Live life to the fullest..

Probably not permanent, but definitely not sure for how long.. sometimes letting go of certain things in your life requires time to yourself.. #peace #selflove #TimeToHeal ✌

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#tbt .. getting back to this! My favorite weight and body type! I’m not too far but having a full time job does make it a little tougher but I’ve always loved a challenge!! #throwback

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And off work and on to the gym I go.. #workout #stressrelief

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Party at work!

#patience #peace #love

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Game Night!! Love these folks!! #framily

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This color is awesome! 👍✨❤ #nails

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This song… it’s beautiful, it touches my heart in so many ways. “You’re my end and my beginning…….. I give you all of me, you give me all of you… ”
*sigh* #JohnLegend #GivesMeHope #Someday 😊

#zumba time!!

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#IggyAzalea ✨✌

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#Sexy #Shoes

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Went to breakfast to visit my sweet friend Shannon , she gave me this.. she had this precious bear made for me! If you look closely you’ll see he is wearing a blue Lacoste sweater, and plaid pajama pants.. the part that makes me cry is that sweater and pajama pants once belonged to my Pawpaw, a couple of months ago Shannon asked for a couple of items of Pawpaws clothing for a gift she was having made for me.. and this bear is it!! The brilliant woman took his sweater and cut it down to size and same with the pants! It’s perfect! I love it! Thank you Shannon!!


Rose. 25. Raven by birth. Geeky. Beautiful. Happy and yet truly heartbroken (recently). Health freak. Gym Junky. I am in the middle of a weight loss journey. It's not easy but very much worth it. I love answering questions but I suck at checking tumblr due to the fact that I post so much thru Instagram.. so look for me.. IG name is rosey_darling. 😉

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